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Jimmy Longacre is an illustrator who specializes in the production of storyboards and comp artwork primarily for the advertising industry. Work is done in our digitally-based studio, and delivered over the internet.




Q: How do you charge?

I usually charge by day-rate.  Except in special cases (at my call), such as single-piece work, I charge a half-day minimum. (contact me for the specific figures). I’m not cheap – but usually less than online group services, because I’m not burdened with their representation fees or overhead. I feel strongly that I’m a good value for the money, both in terms of speed and quality.  For the record, I consider a day to be 8 hours of actual work, and after that I count overtime hours to bill at 150% hourly rate. Weekend and holiday days are 150% of normal rates. Feel free to email or call me with specific questions.

Q: How much can you do in a day?

It really depends on the complexity of the job, and the degree of finish. I work in several styles to accommodate speed, budgets and interpretive preferences.  Typically, I do about 10 to 15 B&W storyboard frames, or 8 to 10 color frames in a day; or about 2 or 3 color ad comps in a day.*

*This assumes that the client is prepared to have their concept drawn from the outset, knows what they want and how they want to show it. It does not account for time spent waiting for campaigns to be approved, art directors to come out of meetings, submission of roughs for approval, or any time I might spend acting as surrogate art director (all of which may sometimes be part of the process, but reduces the time available for me to produce final images).

Q: What’s the deal with “holds” and “books”?

Well, at times a client can put me on “hold” for a particular date or dates. This is a non-binding thing, a courtesy, really: it just means that I’ll attempt to contact you before I take another job for that day.  A “book”, on the other hand, is a mutual commitment: I agree to set aside the given day for your project; you agree to be subject to a “kill fee” (equal to 50% dayrate) if you cancel.

Q: If I hire you, how does it work? Do you send me sketches for approval?

I try to adapt the process to the comfort level of my clients. Some of my longtime customers will just send me a script or thumbnails and depend on me to deliver an appropriate product. More typically, there is at least one set of “roughs” delivered for approval, and a couple of emails and/or phone conversations. Then, with approval, I go to finish. Sometimes, there may be a few “tweaks” needed to wrap up.  This is not a problem because I build layered Photoshop image files to allow for greater flexibility in case changes are needed. 

All my work product is delivered as digital files. Usually, the final product is a high-quality jpeg, which allows clients to print-out at the size that best suits their need.  I maintain an on-line ftp server space to which I can post large image files for downloading by clients using individual, password-protected folders.

Q: If I promise to give you lots of work in the future, will you give me a discounted rate?

I've never made such a bargain, and have no expectation of doing so. I choose to compete on the basis of quality and value, not on nominal prices.

Q: Are you willing to do finish illustration?

Yes, if I think that I am suited for the job. But I will charge like any "finish" illustrator would - based on my time, usage, copyright, etc.